Register IP

Steps to sell-ip IPv4 addresses

Step 1: Register as a seller
Step 2: Match a buyer with a seller
Step 3: Buyer pays to IPmeetIP with commission fee.
Step 4: Open Transaction to complete IP address transfer.
Step 5: Close and release payment to the seller.

Register as a seller and sign a brokerage service agreement. Seller shall verify the ownership of IP address by email and change the ASN setting.

Our Roles in IP Address Transactions

  • As a trusted broker between sellers and buyers

  • Assist the IP transfer with RIR

  • Offer delisting SBL and PBL records for IP addresses, make sure IP address is in a good reputation before selling

  • Prepare transfer agreements

The benefits of IP address on Trade Market

  • IP address price increases yearly, IP owners generate good revenue by selling them.
  • Save time and costs in maintaining IP addresses.
  • Buying IP addresses can secure ownership for future needs.