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IPmeetIP lease buy sell marketplace works for various industries, crossing IT, Telecommunication, Data Centre, Web Hosting etc. We help companies to grow business together.

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IPmeetIP plays an important role to support our valued clients. We have successfully assisted companies in CDN,
Cybersecurity, Hosting, IoT, ISP, Telecommunications, VoIP, and other industries.
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  • Telecommunications

    IP/ASN resources are the key assets to scale up businesses. We can help tosource millions of IPs from different RIRs. We hope to support more Telecommunications to expand.

  • Hosting & Infrastructure

    IP/ASN resources are valued strategic assets to hosting companies. Our platform can provide a competitive price and allow hosting companies to make a comparison before heavily investing in infrastructures.

  • VoIP

    The VOIP industry is growing fast, and the demand for IPs is also increasing.Cost-efficient IPs will dramatically contribute to the development of VoIP businesses. Our platform provides long-term and cost-efficient IPs in themarket.

  • SaaS

    SaaS probably requests a large or small number of IPs in a project. Our platform can flexibly offer different block sizes. Our platform sources differentblock sizes to fulfill a variety of needs.

  • Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is a key and strategic tool in every organization. Obtaining IPsfrom our platform is a safe and hassle-free way.

  • CDN

    Content delivery networks utilize a vast number of IPs. Our platform cansource and accumulate a vast number of IPs for your business.

Lease IP Addresses and Scale Your Business

IPv4 addresses are becoming more and more valuable. With IPmeetIP, renting IPv4 addresses makes more sense instead of buying. IPmeetIP is offering IPv4 addresses for either short-term or long-term rental.

Join IPmeetIP, you will not suffer from the shortage of IP addresses. You can easily find IP addresses.

  • Lease Clean IP Address

    Run IP address reputation checks to ensure the reputation of IP addresses before listing them on the IP address market. Our team takes compliance practices seriously to ensure that the IP address reputation is protected at all times.
  • Easy Fit to Lessees' Needs

    Lease IP addresses on IPmeetIP easily to fit into your business planning and development. A tiny cost of an IP address can turn into a big revenue for future businesses.